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Elected representatives

As an elected representative of SSCO, you represent Stockholm students. An elected position in SSCO could mean that you will serve as chairman, deputy chairman, board member or ceremonial master. If you wish to become an elected representative of SSCO, you can contact the nominations committee or the presidency for further information. Some posts are open for individual applications, whereas some require you to be nominated by a member union.


The presidency, which consists of the chairman and deputy chairman, is elected on an annual basis at the student council in May. The presidency leads the work of the board, represents the board in the everyday work at SSCO, and is responsible for executing the decisions of the board. The presidency is remunerated on a full-time basis and work from the SSCO chancellery, which is located in Studentpalatset.


The board is elected at the student council in May. The election is carried out using a list voting system (d’Hondt). All member unions can nominate members to the board. The nomination request for board members and any other electable position is sent out to all member unions. Aside from the presidency, the board consists of seven to nine ordinary members and their personal deputy members. SSCO’s board is responsible for the operative activities during the year and prepares the issues that are to be considered by the Student Council. The board convenes no less than eight times per business year.

The ceremonial masters

SSCO also includes a ceremonial masters’ office that consists of two ceremonial masters. They plan and execute student invitations, massed standards events and other operations in connection with Walpurgis (Sw. Valborg) and Nobel, as well as plan other events and festivities within SSCO. Further information about the different student parties and pubs in Stockholm can be found at www.fester.nu (Swedish only). The ceremonial masters are also responsible for issues regarding serving of alcohol. They are remunerated at 25 per cent.

SSCO’s board of 18/18

Chairman Andreas Moilanen

Board members
Puck Norell
Laura Andersson
Emma Ingo
Michael Pettersson
Filip Hörnsten
Hugo Thorén
Philippe Goldmann
Johan Orrenius

Omar Branzell
Jens Hall
(6 vacant posts)

Ceremonial masters 18/19
Andrea Montano Montes
Simon Koller