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The Nobel Lottery FAQ

Academic titles

Please state your academic title correctly according to the examples stated below, or we will have to change it manually.

  • Undergraduate: Up to  a 4 year program (240 p).
  • Graduate: More than 4 years, for example civil engineers, law students, or masters degrees.
  • Postgraduate: Ph.D candidates.
  • All medical students, i.e. those studying to be doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, odontologists, BMAs, etc. are titled Medical student. This does not include students of complementary medicine (naprapathy, chiropractic, homeopathy) as they do not currently have the right to an academic title.

If your companion already has a degree, you state it according to the international standard e.g. BSc, BA, MSc, PhD, MD.

If you have stated your title correctly it will look something like this:

Undergraduate Mr Karl Karlsson
Dr Fredrika Fredriksson, MD
Mr Per Persson, MSc
Postgraduate Mr Lars Larsson


Winners will be able to buy tickets for the banquet and the prize ceremony. The tickets will be sent to the address provided during the registration.

About the Nobel NightCap

All participants of the Nobel Banquet are entitled to attend the Students’ Nobel NightCap. This is the after party which begins directly after the banquet. An incredibly well-planned and lavish party which takes up to a year to arrange. A party you do not want to miss!

Formal attire

The dress code is white tie.

  • Women: Evening dress. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes since you will be dancing all night.
  • Men: Tail coat including all the accessories (white tie, with tails) and patent-leather shoes (or well polished black leather shoes).
  • Uniform is not allowed.

The winners of the Nobel lottery are required to wear a Swedish student cap (clean and white). Students of technology are permitted to wear a so-called “schmeck” (a student cap for technology students) but without spegats and pins. Academic Honors are not accepted at the Nobel Banquet. Please keep in mind that you are attending the party as a student and that you therefore represent the students of Sweden.

Questions about the lottery

Q: How do you pay for the lottery tickets?
A: You pay for your lottery tickets through Paypal. You can either pay by card or through direct transfer.

Q: How many tickets can you win?
A: You can only win the possibility to buy a one couples ticket.

Q: How many lottery tickets are you allowed to buy?
A: Indefinite, as many as you like.

Q: How many winners do you draw?
A: 38 winners.

Q: When is the draw?
A: It is an open event held in Studentpalatset, Stockholm and takes place on 2018-11-04.

Q: Who can participate in the lottery?
A: Anyone can buy lottery tickets, but the winners need to be able to prove that they are members of their respective student unions or the alike. The membership must have been registered before the draw.

Q: Is it a single ticket?
A: No, it is a couples ticket, meaning you have to bring someone. If you cannot find someone to go with, please contact us at oma@ssco.se as soon as possible and we will do what we can to help you.

If you win

Q: Are you allowed to wear a uniform at the Nobel Banquet?
A: No.

Q: Are you allowed to sell your ticket to someone else?
A: No, this is not permitted as the tickets are personal. Breaking this rule will result in you forfeiting your tickets.

Q: What happens after the draw of the lottery?
A: An e-mail will be sent to all participants of the lottery. You will be notified whether you win, lose or are on the reserve list. The winners then need to follow the instructions given in the e-mail that has been sent to them.

Q: My companion is not a student; does s/he have to wear a student cap?
A: No, they are not required to do so, but if you both are students it would be is nice since you both represent the students of Sweden.

Q: Who can you bring as your companion?
A: Anyone you want. The person does not have to be a student and does not have to be of the opposite gender, but needs to be at least 18 years old. If you bring someone of the same sex we cannot guarantee that you will get a dinner partner of the opposite sex during the banquet.

Any additional questions can be sent to: oma@ssco.se