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To start a student union

How great that you wish to start a student union!

Generally, regarding higher education, there are two different types of student unions:

  1. A student union at a university or college.
  2. Other form of student unions: vocational colleges (Sw. yrkeshögskola), so called “folk colleges” (Sw. folkhögskola), etc.

If your student union falls under category one, it is subject to the student union regulation (Swedish only). In short, this means that each college and university in Sweden must have a student union which monitors the interests of the college or university’s students – regardless of whether the student is a member of the student union or not.

Learn more about this type of student unions here (Swedish only).

If your student union belongs in category two, it is subject to the authority The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education or to the Folk College Regulation (Sw. Folkskoleförordningen) (Swedish only).  However, these two say very little of the student unions’ roles at the colleges.

Regardless of whether the student union you wish to start belongs in category one or two, there area a couple of things that must be done first: