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About SSCO

SSCO was founded in 1896 and is a member organisation for student unions in the Stockholm region. SSCO currently has around 40 member unions and through them represent around 85,000 students. It is thus the student unions that are members in SSCO, not the students.

SSCO has three main missions:

  • To protect and develop Stockholm as Sweden’s leading place of education
    SSCO is continuously working towards municipalities, county councils and Parliament to improve the situation of Stockholm students and develop Stockholm as a place of education. Through bringing up student related questions with politicians and other decision makers, as well as working to ensure existing member organisations remain active, SSCO will work to ensure long-term student influence in the region. For over ten years SSCO has handed out the Friend of Stockholm Students award to organisations, companies, groups or people who all in some way have made efforts for Stockholm students and student unions.
  • To offer meeting spaces for the students and student unions from the Stockholm region
    To this end, SSCO – through the subsidiary SSCO Service AB – is responsible for the running of Studentpalatset by Odenplan. In Studentpalatset a majority of Stockholm’s students are offered a quiet study environment with almost 300 spaces and several group rooms. Whether or not you are allowed to study at Studentpalatset is determined by whether your university or college has chosen to participate in the cooperation regarding Studentpalatset or not. For further information, please visit Studentpalatset’s website.
    There are also meeting rooms in Studentpalatset that SSCO’s member unions may use free of charge. SSCO can, if necessary, help the member unions to start, maintain or develop the operations. Furthermore, we organise training for those active in the unions and hold student union presidency meetings where the presidencies of all SSCO’s member unions can meet and exchange experiences.
  • To provide a joint service for students in the Stockholm region
    SSCO provides a joint service for the students in the Stockholm region in the shape of student housing and the subletting intermediary agency Akademisk kvart.