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N.b. This is an in-house translation. In case of discrepancies between the English and Swedish language version of this text, the Swedish language version will prevail.

Instruction regarding the student housing queue and possession of student housing (PDF) (Swedish only)

There are around 85,000 students in Stockholm and currently around 15,000 student accommodations. SSCO is the governing body of Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (more information here) which is the largest student housing agency in the Stockholm region with nearly 8,000 student accommodations.

As a member of a student union affiliated with SSCO you have the right to queue and live in SSSB’s accommodations. SSCO is the governing body of SSSB, but does not work directly with the housing agency. Instead, SSCO work continuously towards national and regional decision makers to improve the housing situation for students.

You can join the queue before you have started studying, as long as you are older than 16. However, your student union membership will be checked after you have been queuing for 90 days. If you are a student union member by then, your queuing days will continue to add up as normal, but if you’re not a student union member your queuing days will be “parked”. The queuing days can be parked for a maximum of 36 months, after which you will be removed from the queue.

For newly admitted students there is the possibility to sign tenancy against the presentation of an acceptance letter. There will however be checks during the term regarding whether you are a student union member or not.

Grounds for termination for SSSB’s tenants

If a student for example does not fulfil the study requirements or student union membership requirement, does not pay the rent, or has reached the maximum time allowed to reside in an SSSB apartment, the contract will be terminated and the student will have to move. Termination of a contract can also apply if the student has provided incorrect information or breached their obligations towards SSSB.

If the student feels they have been terminated on incorrect grounds they can appeal the decision to the Housing Delegation (Sw. Bostadsdelegationen). Appeals to the Housing Delegation regarding termination shall be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than 6 weeks before the given termination date. The Housing Delegation does not handle issues received after that date. Students who wish to appeal decisions shall turn to the person in charge of the Housing Delegation.

The decisions of the Housing Delgation can be appealed against by contacting the Board of Appeal no later than 14 days after the date of the decision; otherwise the appeal may be rejected. The Housing Delegation does not handle applications from tenants in rent arrears (Sw. hyresskuld).

All issues are handled by post and appeals should be sent by post to:

Nortullsgatan 2, Box 45015
104 30 Stockholm

Do not send registered letters (Sw. rekommenderat brev) as the post processing is not handled by the person in charge of the Housing Delegation and Board of Appeal.

Any other contact with the Housing Delegation and Board of Appeal is via e-mail: appeal@ssco.se.

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